Doctor Sandra Cabot


Lawley Pharmaceuticals
(Holds an export licence for Australian manufactured cream. Cannot be purchased
within Australia except in WA). Can export.
672 Beaufort St Mt Lawley
WA 6050
PH: 1800 627 506
Manufacturers of: Pro-Feme®-Progesterone supplement for women. Andro-Feme® -Testosterone supplement for the pre and postmenopausal woman.Natragen® - Oestradiol supplementation for women.
Andromen® - Testosterone supplement for men.

Crossways Priceline Pharmacy
Supply Pro-Feme©, Andro-Feme©, Andromen©, Natragen©,
440 Hay Street
Subiaco WA 6008
PH: (08) 9388 1777 FAX: (08) 9388 2481
1800 109 013
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