Assessment Charts


I suggest that you keep your own chart to better understand how your body functions and to tune into your needs. Charts help you become aware of the day to day changes in your body. They help you interpret symptoms that may be relevant to your hormonal balance and general well-being. Symptom relief is an important barometer in your hormonal well-being, and acts as a guide to using the least amount of progesterone required to maintain balance.

Estrogen Dominance Progesterone/Estrogen Scoresheet Assessment Chart

This score sheet determines estrogen dominance progesterone deficiency. It is perhaps the most important chart of all and this is the one I refer to the most in determining your
dose requirements according to your score, and progress.
This score sheet will:

• Help you assess your response to dose adjustments
• Help you ascertain your physiological progesterone dose requirements where you remain asymptomatic
• Help you to recognise insidious problems reemerging so you can activate protocols and strategies to address
• Will guide you in recognising Estrogen Dominance Wake Up Crisis
• Give you an appreciation of your improvement over time
• Teach you to become ‘tuned in’ to your hormonal health and well-being
• Assist you in distinguishing hormone problems, as opposed to other health issues
• Help you recognise triggers
• Will be a template for your progesterone journey

Suggested Dose Guideline for Monthly Score Sheet
How to interpret your score and use it to guide your progesterone dosage requirements:

High Score: (dosage initially >10% or 100mg)
Moderate - High Score: (dosage between 4%-6% or 40-60mg)
Moderate Score: (dosage between 3%-4% or 30-40mg)
Low Score: (dosage between 1%-2% or 16-20mg)

You may need to increase slightly yourself. Always try an extra 10mg and assess in 36 hours before increasing more. You need to trust your intuition and be confident.
Note: Specific dosages are outlined in detail in both books for specific requirements.

Click here to download the Estrogen Dominance Progesterone/Estrogen Scoresheet Assessment Chart for a menstruating woman

Click here to download the Estrogen Dominance Progesterone/Estrogen Scoresheet Assessment Chart for a non-menstruating woman

Other Charts

Health Observation Calendar for Monitoring Hormone Balance
This chart suits the methodical person who likes to record keep in symbols, and who is very involved in her health agenda. It probably wouldn’t suit the lady with a busy lifestyle who’s on the go.

Calendar-style Notation of Symptoms
If you are a woman looking to record ‘unusual’ symptoms and may not be recording in-depth details, this chart gives you a guideline of where / what may be happening at certain times of the month. The charts can then be used as a comparison, month to month. Patterns can be determined using this method. It’s always important to note dosage of cream on all charts, to correlate dosage versus symptom relief.

Quick Tick Chart - Spreadsheet
This is a very popular chart because it’s so user-friendly. All you need to do is tick the appropriate columns each day as they apply. It doesn’t require lengthy reporting, just helps you acknowledge how you’re feeling, and what’s going on. Perfect to stick on your refrigerator.

General Monthly Scoresheet Assessment
Assists with progression and response to progesterone usage. Invaluable to determine your level of estrogen dominance.