Actual Cases


From time to time I will publish here actual stories from women who have given me permission to share their particular case. Hopefully this will help you to relate to some of the details and realise that it may not just be you! Naturally I have removed the names to ensure anonymity.

Hi Jenny

I have just read your personal testimony and thank God that He is a major part of your life and that you honour and love Him midst all that you had been through. I have a strong faith in God too and know that it is so important in our daily living to have Him in our lives.

Jenny, I am 45 years old and have 2 children and am happily married. My son is 20 years old and daughter just turned 13. You have probably heard everything that I am about to say to you but it is real and I have not shared this before with anyone until now.

I started off my life pregnant as soon as I got married. Due to emergency circumstances (I had contracted Hepatitis and lived in India then) gave birth to a premature baby boy who is now 20. He weight 3 pound 11 ounces and that was a miracle in itself that he was well after a bad start to his life in physical terms. After a long recovery I was put on the pill by a doctor saying I should not fall pregnant as my health was not good. For a whole 15 years I was on the pill. Started to experience dizziness and black outs when the doctor advised me to get off the pill about 5-6 years ago. Since then I have had very little dizziness before/during/after my periods.

My periods have been irregular except when I had the pill and am not knowledgeable about my cycle. For the last 4 years a friend supplied me with progesterone cream 4% which she said I could use in small doses as prescribed. Some months I use it regularly and some I forget. I also have Primrose tablets and Vit B tablets.

I have noticed in the last two months that my placid, gentle nature is changing. I had a really bad week during my last period and couldn’t control my anger, irritation and abruptness. All of this is so foreign to me. The thing is that my 13 year old has just got her period and tends to get moody which is not a good thing when both of us are going through this. I am so annoyed at myself and don’t know what to do.

Can you advise me please? What are the steps I should take?

I pray to God that I will not have these mood swings so don’t upset people around me who I don’t expect to suddenly accept or understand the changes. I ask that I rather have pain which only I can bear.

Thank you. Hoping to hear from you.
God bless you Jenny.


Dear ****,

It is clear that the hepatitis may have some reflection and contribution to hormonal imbalance and you need to really protect this organ that is now vulnerable, even if your liver test show normal. I see so many women with a history of Hepatitis .Your imbalance can also be for many reasons and what you are describing is now commonly known by many medical and health practitioners as a term called estrogen dominance syndrome. This I explain in depth in both my books along with all the symptoms.

Your irregular inconsistent approach to the use of progesterone saddens me as you are obviously unaware of the true power of this hormone and are somewhat lacking true knowledge and understanding of the correct usage and dosage to particular problems .you are also not familiar with maximizing the performance of this hormone to gain true benefits and positive outcome which can numerous .

My books explain all this and more so you can start to take control of your life again rather than it controlling you.

Please invest in these books, written for women like yourself. You can order direct to me or download orderform and fax.

If then you need further assistance, then please contact me after you have explored my books.

May I gently point out that progesterone is an S4 drug which means that to obtain it; you must have a doctor’s prescription to obtain it. To source it otherwise without a script is illegal. Further more our health scheme provides rebates, if on private benefits.

Also it is wise to know exactly what progesterone you are sourcing storage and manufacturing conditions etc. The reasons I explain in detail in my book. Some creams are inferior and do not work effectively as many women have discovered, the hard and costly way.

Warmest regards,


Dear Jenny,

Just found your address in Hormones, don't let them ruin your life.!!! I am a 44yr old Practice nurse for my GP husband!!and am trying to get o good grip onNatural HRT etc. However for myself I have hit a brick wall for the 2nd time!! I have 3 children, the yougest 10 and about 2yrs ago I tried Nat. Prog for my bad PMS. The first 2-3 cycles saw an improvement and then a downward turn. My salivary levels were high and I was told to stop the cream as it would account for the depression I was then experiencing!! This year I repeated the same experience. Salivary levels before treatment were 2.1nmol/l..useing 15-20mg progesterone oil from day 12-26 the first 3mnths were again great i.e no sore breasts and good sleep but by my 5th cycle I again got very sore breasts poor sleep and very low.emotionally. My repeat saliva test was 39nmol so this last cycle I have not used any oil but have had no improvement in symptoms . My blood oestradiol was 545pmol/l and prog 46pmol done on day 19 (27 day cycle) According to all my reading this far Progesterone does not have many side effects so I just cant understand why my very painful boobs would reappear and very low mood?? my question I guess is can the use of progesterone raise the oestogen as well ,as that blood level was higher than my usual as was my cortisol level ? my symptoms appear to be that of oestrogen dominance but why come in 5mnths down the track???

I would so appreciate your feed back or advice,

many thanks, ****

Dear ****,

Every thing you are telling me has logical answers and I give all these explanations and guidelines to deal with ,in both my books. Please invest into them as you will be very grateful to grasp all your answers and more. What you are telling me will all make sense. These books were written for problem solutions and explanations in depth on mastering the use of progesterone for many individual scenarios. They are written from many women’s experiences, my years of working as a consultant and are in common sense language. You will not be disappointed and the women use my books for years in their hormonal journey.

You can order by my fax, email or post and there is an order form to down load .unfortunately I cannot avoid the hefty $28 postal cost to N.Z but have kept my book prices down to assist women with affordability.

You have not been using progesterone correctly and I would also suggest you use transdermal cream. The results are far more satisfactory. You will also be able to master dosage @ usage better. Your N.Z compounding pharmacist is a wonderful knowledgeable and experienced man ,named Mike Cushman Ph 64-9-442 5850 in Auckland. There is also a N.Z advisory line which Mike will give you.

Yes you are in estrogen dominance,(go & do your score on my website).I do not put emphasizes on readings so much i.e but more on symptoms management first as the most perfect numbers on paper does not always reflect perfect asymptomatic results and solutions.

Warmest Regards


Dear Jenny,

My name is **** and I was a client of yours about 4 years ago. At the time I was only 18 and very confused and scared about being diagnosed with PCOS and having just moved to **** I didn't know many people or where to go for help. I had a couple of consultations with you, and was using cream and following the diet you recommended and feeling better,
but then the depression set in and I never went back to you and it has been a down hill slide from there. I'm not sure if you have time, but if you do I would appreciate if you could read this email and respond if you can. It's not possible for me to have aone on one consultation any more as I now live on a farm in ****.

As I said, I was diagnosed by Dr **** of Adelaide with PCOS. I have struggled with my weight for a long, long time and it has improved a little, but its still not in a healthy range. After this I suffered really severe depression and after a few months of wanting to kill myself I dropped out of uni and was put on Cipromil by my doctor. I went on and off of Cipromil until the beginning of 2004. Apart from the weight problems and the depression, I have suffered from severe fatigue and have been through stages where I physically cannot open my eyes until after midday for weeks on end. I also have a complete lack of libido and sex drive, have never orgasmed and as this has been going on for about 4 years it is having a SEVERE effect on my marriage.

I went to a GP a couple of weeks ago for some blood tests and he told me that my thyroid TSH was normal, but I have low androgen. I am also developing bowel problems, I am not a coeliac, so I suspect IBS. My great grandmother died of bowel cancer, her sisters are in hospital with it, my grandma has problems and my mother and her sisters have severe bowel
trouble too. My stomach seems to always be upset and if I eat something fatty or unusual it goes straight through me (fast) and I have severe cramping and diarrohea. It has got progressively worse and I am always bloated and have alot of weight around my tummy area. My diet is not good, but I seem to crave carbs all the time which makes it hard for me to stick to a healthy eating plan. My skin is also REALLY dry, to the point where it get so dry it itches, cracks and hurts. I have tried to take fish oil for this but it doesn't seem to help much. Is there anything you can suggest for me? I have been on the pill since I was 14 (I went off of it for a little while around the time I saw you) and am currently taking Yasmin.
I remember you suggested a diet of Dr Cabot's (I think) and it made me feel alot calmer but I'm not sure what it was exactly. I feel like I am clutching at straws and am supposed to see a doctor on Friday to establish if I do have IBS. I just feel so crappy all the time,no energy, never interested in sex and no one seems to know why or what I can do to help myself, any suggestions of yours would be much appreciated.

Thankyou for your time.
Kind regards,

Dear ****,
How very sad to read that your road has been so rough and your health has been in a turmoil for 4 years. I appreciate your honesty about your journey since you saw me. Yes I can truly understand the sensitivity at that age and the phase of somewhat denial about diseases and the need for life style changes. Who needs to take that on at 18 when we believe we are invincible eh! But the seeds were planted then and I am glad I hit a chord. To help you will take a lot of commitment and cost in nutrition on your part and there are no quick fixes or promises, but certainly a better existence than what you are suffering emotionally and physically now. I do relate and understand with many things you have mentioned and it is all part of the problem and interrelated. I have since, revised and written another companion book that covers most of the problems you are experiencing. I am asking you to invest in my books and read /index and become more informed and empowered. From here I can conduct a consultancy by phone with a 16 page pre answered medical questionnaire if you require individual assistance. I am not able to just instantly answer your questions as you can appreciate but I can certainly see a picture in your story.

My income is derived from consultancy and I am also happy to provide on-going support at a fee to cover my email time etc. Anyway, I suggest, step 1 ,buy both my books. Order form can be down-loaded and faxed or you can simply email. These books will journey with you for years as you will reference them often. I believe they are the cheapest help on the market !!

If it is of any consolation, the majority of people have bowel and or gastrointestinal problems due to diet and allergies so don't panic there. Measures can be taken. Also, Book 2 deals a lot on libido problems and testosterone. Please get all your testosterone levels re-checked as PCOS usually is high in testosterone but not necessary high in libido.

Blessings ,


Dear Jenny,

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to me. I will certainly purchase your books as I agree it's probably the first step to understanding what is going on with my body.

Once I have read them I will contact you again for a consult. Thanks again for taking the time to help me, I feel better knowing that I am not alone and that other people experience the same problems that I do.

Kind regards,