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Fiona, Australia
Main Symptoms: About her mother’s breast cancer

“I found NPAN through Jenny Birdsey when she came to me as a massage client.The timing was spot on, as not long after my mum discovered she had breast cancer for the third time.

From many chats with Jenny willingly sharing her profound knowledge on progesterone, and the availability of books, video’s and audio tapes from the network library, I began to understand the bigger picture.

My mum used the progesterone cream daily throughout her radiotherapy, while at the same time being guided by a naturopath who saturated her body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. She survived the radiotherapy beautifully only really suffering from burns. Nine months later she was all clear, the tumours had gone.

I have an 11 year old daughter going through puberty. I am at the other end of the cycle in my 40’s and its a comfort to know that the network and progesterone is there if and when we need them. As a massage therapist I see a lot of women who share in confidence with me their health problems, and as I recognise imbalance related problems I offer them the network’s pamphlet and encourage them to call.

For those that do I often check in with them and find that the progesterone, dietary changes and natural supplements from the network have made a huge difference and they are eternally grateful that they found the network before accepting other options of surgery, HRT etc.”


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