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Klara, Australia
Main Symptoms: Infertility and diagnostic premature menopause

“Hi! My name is Klara and I have had problems with my hormones all of my adult life. After we were married I couldn’t get pregnant and after many tests, tablets and injections I finally got pregnant two and a half years after starting treatment. After our daughter was born we started trying again. Then after six years and one miscarriage I stopped all treatment and two years after that at the age of 35 I had my tubes tied. I’d
had enough.

I was put on HRT (Premarin.625 mg) and for about 9 years I was doing all right.When I turned 45 I started having major symptoms: panic attacks, anxiety attacks, mood swings, I was teary and unsociable. I wouldn’t go out anywhere, I tried to cope by myself. I was talking to a girlfriend of mine, telling her what was happening to me. She told me she was seeing a lady called Jenny Birdsey. Her daughter was having trouble with Endometriosis and with Jenny’s help with natural Progesterone and vitamin supplements was starting to feel better. I saw Jenny and talked with her for two to three hours about everything that was happening to me. She gave me a video tape to watch from America and I was very impressed with it.

I was sent to have blood tests by a doctor to assess my hormone levels. After that I went off my HRT and was put on natural progesterone cream and some vitamin supplements.The vitamin supplements helped to tone down my estrogen dominance. Approximately two to three weeks later I started to feel my old self. I went back to Jenny once a month to make sure I had my dosage right. I made up a chart with all the symptoms I was having and Jenny could tell me to either increase or decrease my dosage. If I had any problems I was able to ring Jenny any time to talk to her.

Eventually I learnt to read my own body signals. I talked to my family doctor about the progesterone cream and he was happy for me to use it, as he could see an improvement. I gave my doctor all the information Jenny gave me about progesterone cream which reassured him about me using it. I have been on progesterone cream since April 2000 and I’m feeling great. I still have my off days but they aren’t as severe and as often as they were in the beginning. I don’t know what I would be doing today without the progesterone cream and
Jenny Birdsey.”

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