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Julie, Australia
Main Symptoms: Osteoporosis at 37 years of age and bone building

“I first found out about natural progesterone at the end of 1999, through a friend who was finding it helpful for her menopausal symptoms.My ears pricked up when she mentioned that natural progesterone could help improve bone density.

Although I was only 37, I had already discovered that my bone density was dangerously low,and my doctor had told me that I would need to go on HRT when I got to menopause to help prevent my condition from becoming worse.

I was fortunate to have been picked out at random and asked to take part in the Geelong Osteoporosis Study, which was subsidised by the government. Had it not been for this study I most probably would not have even considered the need to have my bone density checked until I reached menopause.

I made an appointment to see Jenny Birdsey at the Natural Progesterone Advisory Network, who I found to be extremely helpful and very thorough.

She asked me lots of questions about my health history, and gave me a detailed questionnaire to fill in so that she could get a total picture of my health status. She suggested several dietary supplements, as well as the natural progesterone cream which I started using in January 2000.

I might add that Jenny has been particularly helpful along the way since then, answering numerous questions for me either over the phone or in person. I’m really impressed by her level of commitment!

My previous bone density scan results were as follows:

September 1996: 1.029g@cm2 (Just below the acceptable range for my age)

December 1998: 0.965 g/cm2 (Well below the acceptable range for my age; a
decrease of 6.2%.)

I had given birth to my first child 10 weeks before the second scan. I figured that it was probably normal to lose bone density during pregnancy, but at the same time I was quite worried as I thought perhaps I shouldn’t try for more children, if this was going to happen with each pregnancy. I had supplemented my diet with extra calcium since the first scan and especially throughout my pregnancy, so the second bone scan result was
particularly deflating for me.

For many months after giving birth I suffered with back pain, with having to carry the baby around, and especially when having to lean forward to do things like bath him or change the linen on the cot. I felt like I had no strength in my back.Many times this pain almost drove me to tears. Nineteen months later I was asked to have another scan. At this point I had been using the natural progesterone cream for 6 months.The results
were as follows:

July 2000: 1.097 g/cm2 (Within the acceptable range for my age - an increase of 13.7% since my previous scan and an overall increase of 6.6% since my first scan.) I was thrilled with these results! I realise that since having my baby I’ve had the extra “exercise” of weight-lifting every time I have to pick him up and carry him around, and that this in itself may have had a small positive impact on my bone density, but I am convinced that the biggest single positive influence on my bone density has been my use of natural progesterone cream.

I am sure that the natural progesterone cream has helped me in other ways too such as reducing my symptoms of PMS, helping me to sleep better and generally have more energy, and an improved ability to cope with day-to-day living.

Two months ago we decided to try for another baby. I decided to go off the natural progesterone cream altogether, which wasn’t necessary but I was curious to see if I would notice any changes.This month I’ve been particularly aware of general aches and pains, (including back pain with associated loss of strength) and increased symptoms of PMS.This month I’ll definitely be back on my natural progesterone cream!”

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