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Julie, South Australia
Main Symptoms: Endometriosis and Hysterectomy.

“For years I have been dealing with Endometriosis which has involved several operations, different drug treatments (and all their wonderful side effects) and finally a Hysterectomy. All of which only worked for a limited time and then the disease would come back.

Then at 37 years I started going through menopause, which I thought was going to be the answer to all my prayers, but some of the menopause symptoms were becoming almost as bad as the pain of the Endo.My doctor put me on HRT and it did help with the hot flushes but not with much else. And I started getting bad headaches almost every day which I had never experienced before. I was wondering if I was ever going to feel
well again.

Just before Christmas last year I had reached rock bottom and heard about a naturopath,Denise, who had worked in the Endometriosis Clinic in Perth. I had been to many naturopaths before but because of Denise’s Endo experience I thought I’d give this one last go. Denise told me about Natural Progesterone and suggested a book by Dr. The Late Dr. John Lee called,“ What doctors don’t tell you about menopause”. It helped explain a
lot of things that had happened to me over the years, and at last I felt that there was some long term help available.

Denise told me about the Natural Progesterone Advisory Network and suggested that I ring Jenny Birdsey. I filled in a profile of my medical history and sent it off to Jenny. With her help and advice I started on the Natural Progesterone cream. Not everything ran smoothly in the beginning and I had some severe estrogen dominance
symptoms and crippling joint pains, but with Jenny’s help and her understanding of my symptoms,we have worked our way through the tough times.

If it hadn’t been for Jenny’s thorough knowledge of Endometriosis and Natural Progesterone cream, and her reassurance in what we were doing, I wouldn’t have continued past the first week of using the cream. Once we sorted out the dose that my body could cope with, I just had to ring her to tell her that after nearly 18 months of a continual headache/foggy head and numerous visits to the doctor with no answers, I finally woke up one morning feeling wonderful and without a headache!! At last I feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I know that with continued support from the Natural Progesterone Advisory Network, I will finally get my life back (and my ever patient husband hopes so too!!).”

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