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Coralie, Australia
Natural progesterone is the way to go

Dear Jenny,

Your phone call to me today reiterated what i had already believed. Natural Progesterone is the way to go. After 6 months of being treated with synthetic hormones that did not agree with my body, Ii cannot thank you enough for your counselling and support and time you gave to me today. You were truly heaven sent.

I also wish to thankyou for enlightening my knowledge to the fact that the Dr.John Lee who treats women in Brisbane is not THE FAMOUS Dr.John Lee, father of the natural progesterone theory. Although i have read his books, and believed always in his ideology, I did not realize he has passed away.

I have four beautiful adult daughters and five gorgeous granddaughters who will all benefit from my knowledge and experience when it comes their time to confront menopause. Menopause can be a magical time in our life, or it can be a melingering time that seems to have no end. I can now look forward to a quick recovery and get myself back on track to live a life with quality, natural progesterone with a healthy diet, supplements and lifestyle. THANKYOU.

God bless you,

I remain, yours sincerely,


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