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C, Australia
Main Symptoms: PMS, Depression

Ihave been on natural progesterone cream for over 1 year and I want to report my results to you. You are welcome to use this as a testimonial but I would prefer if you didn't use my name. I hope this information can be used in a study one day to prove that natural progesterone works. I asked my doctor why it is not available in Victoria, she said because there is no proof that really it works! Thanks again Jenny for all the good work you do.

Best Wishes


*Severe PMS including mood swings, rage, sadness, depression for 2 whole weeks every month has reduced to occasional irritation monthly.

* Panic attacks that I have suffered all my life have dissappeared.

*Quality of sleep has improved dramatically. I used to wake up exhausted, now I wake up refreshed.

* Most of my life, I have suffered horrific nightmares. These have now dissappeared.

* Feelings of nervousness before arriving at work have dissapeared.

*Feelings of nervousness before arriving at social gatherings have dissapeared.

*Period pain has dissapeared.

*Teeth decaying rapidly before progesterone use has now stopped or slowed.

*Personal relationships improved.

*Subtle feelings of calm in situations when I would normally have been tense in the past.


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