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Monica’s Update
Main Symptoms: Breast cyst of ten years disappears

I am happy to say that my last mammogram in April 2004 showed that a 2 cm breastlump in my right breast which I have been carrying for more than 10 years, has completely disappeared after 4 years on "Pro-Feme" Natural Progesterone Cream.

Although being mammogrammed for many years because of a previous breast lump found in my early 20’s together with excessive breast tenderness and no family history to indicate breast cancer risk, a review diagnostic mammogram was done because of suspected new fibrous and lumpy breast tissue strands

. I couldn’t believe the lump had completely gone after all this time plus the all clear of any new concerns!
My next challenge is to completely resolve my uterine fibroids. They have been hanging around longer.

They are not gone but I am happy to say they have not increased in size while on Natural Progesterone Cream.
Thank you Jenny for your continuous support and counselling.


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