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Marie, Australia
Main Symptoms: Breast cancer and ex Tamoxifen user and experienced side effects of
estrogen administration

I’ve just finished reading a book on natural progesterone loaned to me by a friend in New Zealand who, after meeting you, is now using the cream and has had a remarkable improvement in her menopause symptoms. I must say, the book made interesting reading and if I had had access to the information years ago, I would never have taken synthetic hormone replacement therapy. Why didn’t my doctor assess me for hormone and progesterone levels or at least tell me about the cream!!! She put me on Ogen and just over 3 years later (1999) at the age of 57, I was diagnosed with grade III estrogen receptive breast cancer requiring 6 doses of chemo and 30 doses of radio.

My life was turned upside down as you can well imagine. I don’t see that doctor now !!! My GP has reluctantly given me a prescription for progesterone cream which is hard to obtain and has suggested I speak to my breast surgeon before using it as I am taking Tamoxifen for 5 years, and although there seems to be no information as to whether the cream will affect the benefits of Tamoxifen, I need to be very, very sure. Having had cancer, I am reluctant to take even a headache tablet! And so I write to you seeking information on the progesterone cream, its benefits and its side effects. At the moment I am struggling with hot flushes, night sweats, memory loss, sore joints, bloating, disturbed sleep, complete loss of libido, and weight
gain. Sound familiar?

I am quite happy to pay for any information and look forward to your reply.


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