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Fiona, Australia
Main Symptoms: Facial hair and self esteem.

“I found out about natural progesterone and NPAN through a friend who owns a healthfood store in Narrabri, but at the time was an employee working in the sandwich bar. It was such a relief to finally find an organisation and a contact person - Jenny Birdsey - who understood how I was feeling, and what I was going through.

My main reason for searching for an answer was in my early thirties I had excessive facial hair and dark facial pigmentation, excessive tiredness and PMS every day of every month. I found all of this to be really embarrassing (you cannot hide your face!). And because of PMS, I was not the person I wanted to be, and I couldn’t hold down a full-time job.

Through NPAN I found the information and emotional support to be excellent. Previously I had read many books and I had been unable to fix myself. This support is ongoing which is really helpful if you do have a relapse. I feel so much better now and much more aware of my hormones and my need for supplementations, herbs, diet and exercise to compliment Natural Progesterone.

I am now studying at TAFE and applying for full-time jobs. And I am feeling much more positive and happier within myself. NPAN proves that there is light at the end of the tunnel through natural means.Thank you NPAN, and thank you Jenny.”


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