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Maggie, Australia
Main Symptoms: Perspective from a Professional Electrologist

“As an Electrologist, my clients come to me to remove their unwanted hair. Menopausal clients do present with unwanted hair, however, symptoms present which are most distressing and answers they have received have not eased their distress. Hormonal imbalance is not restricted to the Menopausal woman. In these times of
stress and uncertainty, I find many young clients are not considered if they ask questions which challenge the status quo.

They want to know about their bodies, why they have superfluous hair, why they cannot maintain a stable body weight, and vague feelings of being unwell that lead them to feelings of frustration and depression because answers are not forthcoming. When I met Jenny Birdsey, I was so thrilled to meet a dedicated researcher and
fanatical collector of data. This was the safety line my clients were looking for; a safety line that could talk their language.

I am constantly amazed at Jenny’s knowledge and her information, her sources she shares generously.Her dedication to women makes them feel valued. Jenny empowers people to help themselves, and I must admit scattered amongst the clientele are some very happy men.

I can only speak highly of Jenny. It is great to be part of her Progesterone Network.”


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