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Madelen, Australia
Main Symptoms: Mastering awareness of symptoms and the value of charting

“Jenny’s NPAN has provided me with fantastic knowledge both physical and psychological. Lots of research information she provides - personal one-to-one dealings at initial interview and on the telephone regularly. The calendar for monitoring my ‘balance’ plus her knowledge of oral vitamins to take as well, has been fantastic.

The organisation NPAN is professional, a wealth of information - more than what general doctors know! I’ve been using the progesterone cream from WA for 18 months now. It has helped me with my PMS. I feel better taking something that’s natural and has no side effects now or later. It has regulated my periods and eased my periodic depressed days. Jenny’s help and knowledge has saved me from a lot of work (research) and she genuinely cares about this subject and her clients.”


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