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Pamela, Australia
Main Symptoms: Menopausal symptoms (hot flushes)

“At the age of 40 I started menopause - hot flushes, irregular periods, etc. I didn’t want to go on HRT and was looking for alternatives. A girlfriend was telling me about the Natural Progesterone she was using and how it’d helped her, so I was very eager to look into it and phoned Jenny Birdsey the next day.

Jenny spent a couple of hours informing me about Natural Progesterone and its benefits as well as giving me plenty of information on women’s health issues and the importance of nutrition and how much that plays a role in our wellbeing.

It’s now 3 months since I started the Natural Progesterone cream as well as the herbal powders which Jenny tailored to my particular needs, and I’m feeling so much better. The hot flushes have reduced greatly and my general health has improved - my energy levels have increased so much so that my family have commented on the change! I’m also thrilled to know Jenny is only a phone call away if I need an answer to any query I may have.”


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