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Brigitte Muir, Australia - 1st Woman to climb Mount Everest.
Main Symptoms: PMS and Lack of energy

“What do you do after you climb Everest? How many times did I hear that one after I came back from becoming the first Australian woman to reach its top? And how would I deal with the aftermath? I wrote a book about it, “The Wind in My Hair”, published by Penguin in 1998.Well, that’s what you do after you climb Everest I thought, and I should have been happy with it. So why was I feeling so much anxiety and such mood swings,
and why was I bursting into tears for no reason whatsoever?

I spent the best part of a year alternating between Mrs Muir and Doctor Bitch, and generally ‘making’ my husband and my life a misery. It was at a women’s forum in Western Victoria that I first heard about natural progesterone. One thing led to another and I eventually ended up giving Jenny Birdsey a call and asking her about that famous progesterone cream.

I had just found salvation. Jenny assessed me, she talked to me for hours about the benefits of the cream, and the reasons why a lot of 21st century women cannot do without it. I have been using natural progesterone cream for more than two years now, and it has given me a new lease on life. Gone the PMT, gone the debilitating moods, welcome peace and balance.

As long as I exercise enough, and stick to my cream regime, adapting it to my needs (gosh, you sure know when it is time for another dollop!), I stay out of trouble. I can live life to the fullest. I am definitely taking my cream to the South Pole when I pioneer my new route there!

Natural Progesterone cream is not something you can keep to yourself. Like all the other members of NPAN before me, I have been raving about it to all my female friends. Try it, and you will as well! But please, read Jenny’s words first. She is the one expert I trust and recommend in a world too often directed by greed.”

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