I'm Jenny Birdsey and welcome to the home of Jenny Birdsey.com and the Natural Progesterone Advisory Network (NPAN).

I have helped hundreds of women over a number of years to understand the benefits of natural progesterone. This website in conjunction with two books I have written, Book 1 - Natural Progesterone - The World's Best Kept Secret and Book 2 - Natural Progesterone - More Secrets Revealed, will give you valuable information and support.

Book 1 has sold out in hard cover format so instead of re-printing this book I have chosen to make it available as a free download. I am committed to helping women and by making this book free it is my hope that you will benefit from the information it contains.

If you find Book 1 helpful, you may wish to purchase Book 2. This book is currently only available in hard copy.

Whilst I sell my books, I do not sell creams or charge membership and I am not involved in affilliate programs or sponsorship. My website information is free and will be regularly updated. If you feel you would like to support this website, I am happy to accept donations, but there is no obligation. Please email me for details as to how you can make a donation.

Please note that I am in no way affiliated with the website "Natural-Progesterone-Advisory-Network.com".

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